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Presentation Skills Workshop

Oscar Presentation Skills

The emphasis of this workshop is to help executives become skillful, confident, flexible and persuasive presenters.

Able to quickly draft and structure presentations with clear story-lines and spend more time on fine-tuning the data.

Deliver a clear, concise message that will effectively gain the attention of the audience.

Handling challenging questions.

Gain greater control of yourself and the situation to react to incidences during the presentation positively.

Programme Highlights

Audiences and what they want!

Unmask the objective of the presentation. Peel back the rhetoric to identify what the audience already knows to identify ‘what the audience wants or needs’.

The Diamond Model

Provides a framework for planning a presentation that reduces the preparation time and increases the potential for a successful outcome.

Really? Who Says?

Uncover the arguments that need to be clear and concise. Reveal data that can support your argument using Visuals that clarify and illuminate the message.

Wow! Look at that Slide!

PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi ect.. Layouts and Compositions are dissected to ensure that the Visuals help reinforce the arguments and key messages.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Participants are made aware to set the appropriate mood and watch for signals to change their style to suit the audience energy as the presentation progresses.

Oh my God! It’s my Turn!

There is no substitute for practice and we have found that the more practice they have in a ‘mock’ environment sustains the lessons learnt.

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